Newsletter -2017 – 02

This Month’s newsletter, newsletter2017m2, sets out a VERY brief introduction to the starting point of the discussions I have with home-owners when they are considering an extension or building a new home.

Similar concerns can be considered if you are visiting a prospective new home, office, or workplace.

We are also launching a new architect’s service that is much more closely related to architecture and I have punningly named A.R.C.H. standing for Architectural Research / Conservation / History. My interest is in the way that we as humans relate to the built environment at all scales from the City right down to the level of construction details. Drawings are only a 2D representation of a 3D experience. The architect profession’s increasing use of computers to design using virtual buildings is allowing people to experience building designs in a much more three dimensional way.

There is a progression of materials, light quality, sound quality and textural feel for a whole range of movements through space and time:

  • From rural to urban.
  • From public space to private space.
  • From family to personal.
  • From a prehistoric age to the present and into the future.


My next acronym to work on will be T.A.R.D.I.S.  Give me till next Month 🙂