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Fully qualified in the ART & SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY of Architecture and one of our specialisms is Bespoke homes for those wanting to live in a home designed to meet their needs not somebody else's.

John Kellett BSc(hons) Dipl.Arch Dip.AP PgDip(Arch.Cons) RIBA ACA, an ARB Registered Architect and an RIBA Chartered Architect, formed his RIBA Chartered Practice in his home town of Kettering in 2008 to provide a truly professional bespoke service to add value to land and buildings that meets needs in a cost effective and sustainable way.

The practice uses the latest Building Information Modelling (BIM) software complying with the 'BIM Level 2' requirement for all public projects. All projects are available to clients as 3D walk-throughs and 3D PDFs to aid understanding of how the completed building will look and feel.

Whilst able to provide services across the County and surrounding Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Leicestershire, and Rutland, we specialise in providing RIBA Chartered Practice services to the areas covered by Kettering, Northampton and Wellingborough Borough Councils, and East Northamptonshire, Corby and Daventry District Councils.

"We have used John at KR.eativ for several commercial projects and have always been very impressed with the professionalism and outcome. The work is of a very high standard, always delivered promptly and there is a great attention to detail as well as knowledge of what is required. I would highly recommend their services." - Mr. A. Hastings

"Our neighbours are impressed by the transformation from run-down two bedroomed house to large four bedroomed home with terrific views of the open countryside and we’ve already recommended him to others in the village.” - Mr. F, Geddington

"We have outgrown our family home but do not want to move. Is that a problem you can solve?" YES, that is what architects do.

"My business is growing and we need larger premises. Could you help us find a site and design us a new building?" YES, but I can also look at your business and the growth capacity of your existing premises which might remove the need for expensive relocation costs, unless of course you need to relocate for other reasons 🙂

"We have a listed building that is becoming increasingly difficult to use and     justify as energy costs keep rising. Can you help?" YES, of course. Listed buildings can be adapted, altered, extended and refurbished to bring them into the twenty first century sympathetically without detracting from their importance. That is what conservation architects are trained to do for you.

"We have won the lottery / inherited a heap of money and would like a new home for our family and collection of animals and cars. Is that the sort of thing you can design for us?" Yes, KR.eativ: Architects Ltd is a member of the Association of Self Build Architects (ASBA) that specialises in bespoke homes.

"Our farm needs to diversify into more profitable forms of income so that we can pass on those additional businesses on the farm to our children so that the family can remain here for yet another generation. Can you help us?" YES, that is what architects do, there are a number of grants and loans that you can apply for to reduce the financial impact too, all without selling land or property.

"We run our private / NHS healthcare facility from a listed building to get our preferred clientele but it is increasingly difficult to fit modern clinical requirements within it. Can you help?" YES it is an area of work I have a lot of experience in over the years.

Architect fees in perspective

Putting Architectural Fees in perspective: is about how LITTLE of the project cost your architect costs you.  And what a VALUE they are. A recent study showed that only around 10% of the lifetime costs of a building are spent on construction and repairs etc. Therefore only 1% of the lifetime cost of a building is spent on an architects fees (original design and subsequent alterations, conversion and restoration etc).

BUT people routinely pay Value Added Tax (VAT) for just about everything we buy the typical VAT rate in the UK is 20%. Larger practices than KR.eativ: Architects MUST charge 20% VAT on their fee. KR.eativ: Architects does not change VAT on fees, it does not need to.

Let’s compare what you currently are already spending on VAT with typical architectural fees. Architect average fees for Basic Services (on a house): 10%. Value is what architects add to all projects.

Does this start to put things into perspective?

For about half the amount you may already be paying for VAT in your life, you can have an architect design a custom home for you.

Sounds like a pretty good deal, doesn’t it?

And you can have additional services that increase this amount, but those are usually fairly modest, depending on what you want.