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As KR.eativ: Architects Ltd remains open for business in the South East Midlands (SEMLEP area) and very nearly fully functional. Please circulate to your connections as we still need commissions even if work has stopped on site.

Any project started now won't get to site until well after this Covid-19 lockdown is history.

We are also offering a free 20 minute video call ('Zoom'/'FaceTime'/'Skype' etc) to help you resolve any architectural issues you may have as now is the time to be thinking about improving (or building new) homes, workplaces and/or leisure facilities.

Just email me at to arrange or if you would like a copy of our latest PDF newsletter.

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It is very important to understand the difference between an architect and other building designers. Anyone can design a building, there are no restrictions in the UK (unlike most other parts of the developed World) no qualifications are required. BUT the long training that an architect undertakes for a minimum of seven years resulting in qualifications to above masters degree level means we offer a high value professional service backed by all sorts of measures to protect you, our client. We are also trained to meet your needs over and above your stated 'wants'.

It is therefore very important for us to be on the 'same wavelength' as you in order to get 'behind' what you say, and share your vision, to access the requirements that you need though our wide knowledge of building design.

There are therefore a number of things that you need to consider before appointing an architect, other than the obvious one which is are they an architect or an un(der)qualified person acting illegally?

The reasons NOT to use an architect are:

One - If you want the cheapest possible solution such that it is poor design and bad solution to your requirements

Working through the options with you can take 2 or 3 options and variations over a couple of Months before a satisfactory solution to take forward is reached - RIBA Stages 0 - 2.

Two - If you do not care about saving money through having lower running costs

All KR.eativ: Architects designs are both aesthetically stunning (as far as is permitted under planning legislation) and technically designed to minimise energy demand / use. We also design for long term use and try to include the ability to adapt the building throughout that, money saving, longer life.

Three - If you want an 'off the shelf' short term building not tailored to your requirements

Despite that most existing buildings can be re-purposed to meet your requirements more exactly and increase a building's longer life in a way that has lower energy demands.

Four - If you want a low quality building without the 10% - 12% added value that an architect can give to any building project.

It has been shown that the extra value added by an architect, such as KR.eativ: Architects Ltd, is often more than the cost of commissioning us. A poor quality cheap building will also have higher running costs and a shorter lifespan.

Five - If you want to use a 'design and build' contract that meets the needs of the developer rather than the end-user

We can design those, and quite willing to do so, but they are usually buildings that the end-users need to adapt to better suit their needs after they have moved in. However 'design and build' can work for buildings that are not required to be bespoke and the end-users tend to be short term occupants.

Work, rest or play spaces, redundant building or boat. Existing, adaptation or new, we specialise in designing sustainable places and spaces to meet your needs, whatever they are.

The following is a video from the USA that sets out the benefits of an architect:

Video from the USA

However, please note the following in translation from the foreign language:

  • For 'licenced' architect read 'registered architect'
  • A 'square foot' is about a tenth of a square metre.
  • A 'dollar' is about 81 pence, at the moment.

In the UK we have the Association of Self Build Architects, all of whom are RIBA Chartered Practices. We have our own YouTube channel too.