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This is the very beginnings of a new service building on 35 years in the profession of architecture and postgraduate qualifications in architecture, architectural practice and architectural conservation:

Architectural Research + Conservation + History: ARCH: Easy to remember acronym to include the following:

Architectural Research:

  • The use of proportion to create three dimensional space that relates to humans. To inform urban planning, building design and space planning. To inform how we use buildings to live, work and rest in them. This is a known factor in the design of healthcare buildings and has a much broader impact that can inform the early stages of any urban design or architectural project.
  • Such research will assist at all scales from the urban design scale of the city, town centre, neighbourhood through to that of individual buildings.
  • The 'scale' of streets, volumes, elevations, windows and doors, construction materials and textures are all contributory to Good Design.

Architectural Conservation:

  • To use a Building Information Model BIM of existing buildings to act as a container for all the information useful to the users. To act as the Conservation Management Plan and Facilities Management tool containing all the important furniture and art works, all the services all the finishes, constructions, colours. And, most importantly of all a full annotated model of what is architecturally and historically important. ANY necessary drawing can then be created at any time that is up to date and complete.
  • A 'BIM' model works for design, or repair & maintenance work to listed buildings It can also be used just as a Facilities Management tool for country estates, industrial estates, business parks and factory sites that are under one management.

Architectural History:

  • In order to feed information into the above model good architectural research to obtain the detail that is required in a Conservation Management Plan.

If you own, or know someone who owns, a listed building, country estate, town centre or factory site get them to give me a call. Good Design, and the tools to get there, will save thousands of pounds.