What is an Architect?

Architectural practice is, across much of the rest of the developed World, restricted to the profession of architects. Some nations allow lesser qualified and registered persons to offer limited architectural services (small extensions etc.). The UK is one of those rare countries that is quite happy for the completely unqualified to offer ‘architectural services’ to unsuspecting members of the public. It is therefore very important to understand that if you are seeking an architect, or more specifically the services of one, it is important to ensure that you do actually engage the services of an architect. Commissioning one of the many non architects in the market place may lead to tears with none of the protection offered by a chartered professional body (RIBA – Royal Institute of British Architects – the only Chartered body representing architects). It is easy to check, all architects working in the construction industry MUST be registered with the Architects Registration Board

“This USA centric video from the US professional body for architects, the AIA, is quite informative in describing what we do and the benefits of using an architect: What is an Architect?

Similarly it is important to check that a structural or building services engineer is a chartered professional, and that town planning & environmental consultants etc are members of a professional chartered body. Anyone calling themselves an ‘architectural designer’ or ‘architectural consultant’ is only doing so because they are insufficiently qualified to legally call themselves an architect. They might have even been ‘struck off’ if not registered or a member of a professional charter body.

Chartered ‘Architectural’ Technologists (CIAT) are not architects either. Their specialism, traditionally, has been as support staff to architects and whilst qualified to carry out some of the functions of an architect it is generally to a lower level and their training includes very little architecture. CIAT members are not recognised by the EU (and most other Countries) as meeting the requirements required of an architect for that very reason. Their qualifications, knowledge, skills and experience lie in construction technology not architecture.

As KR.eativ: Architects Ltd I am registered with the ARB, a chartered member of the RIBA and the practice an RIBA Chartered Practice. The practice is also a member of the Association of Self Build Architects and I personally have well over thirty years in the profession. With my additional postgraduate qualification in architectural conservation I am happy to consider working with existing buildings to help them to continue to be useful and profitable in the C21, whether listed or not.

Proposed upwards extension to an Art Deco home mentioned in the Northamptonshire edition of “Pevner’s Buildings of England”.