Rural Development


Whilst our towns expand, sometimes unnecessarily, into surrounding green fields (the subject of the next Archiblog) existing buildings in the countryside are falling into decay and redundancy. There are also the eyesores left by the County’s rich industrial past that also offer huge potential for rural developments that actually enhance out rural areas. The Government and the EU (whilst we are still members) have a whole raft of ‘incentives’ of grants and loans that can be used to get projects built. Some of the latest ones are being run through SEMLEP (South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership) from the RPA (Rural Payments Agency) etc:


Kr.eativ: Architects Ltd could help you add value to dead buildings, gravel pits and quarries etc. John has spent much of the 35 years in the profession designing barn conversions and working with listed buildings. The work done when with Watermark Leisure, over 20 years ago at Overstone Park Golf Course has transformed the neglected parkland to Overstone Hall into a thriving golf, leisure and second home resort providing both income and jobs to the County.


If you are curious and think we could help, please call.