210706 – The Facts!

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210706 – The Facts!

I am posting this as I am being ‘trolled’ by someone who doesn’t know the facts.

Dear non-architect,

You are not an architect and unless you qualify as one never will be one either. The job title ‘architect’ is protected under UK law and can only be used by architects (of buildings), landscape architects, naval architects and golf course. No others can use the job title legally as the law currently stands. If you want the law changed, that’s your problem.

Dear anybody else,

These are the facts. It is perfectly legal in the UK to design buildings without qualifications for some reason, but unless you employ the appropriately qualified and registered/chartered professions you could easily be appointing a charlatan/fraudster. Sticking the word ‘architectural’ in front of your job title does in no way imply you have any architectural training in architecture. In fact doing that is used to con people into thinking that the ‘architectural’ job holder does. Not even other building design chartered professionals are trained as architects and their training currently wouldn’t count towards the necessary training to be an architect either. However, obviously, all have a role in the design of buildings as part of the design team.

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