200807 – Permitted Development Changes

You will have all read in the news about the changes to the planning legislation in recent days. Whilst the need for planning permission has been ‘reduced’ there is still a need for full architect designed schemes to get best value for the site and for full building regulations submissions and construction information before they can be built – despite the government’s “build build build” rhetoric 🙂

Such work is what my, and any other architect’s, training is set up to achieve, the high quality of each of the following ‘build-ability’, ‘functionality’ and ‘objective beauty’, at least.

Just a quick look around any town centre (I’m thinking of Kettering in particular) there is huge opportunity to both improve the built environment and earn more income.

If you are a building owner, or know of any, that are interested then do please contact me. There are very few architects in the town and even fewer RIBA Chartered Practices and we do use the latest BIM software unlike most of the un(der)qualified ‘architectural services’ providers (the term is used to get avoid the law preventing them from calling themselves ‘architects’ due to their lack of qualifications, experience, and knowledge etc.
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