200211 – Self-build v. ‘custom build’

Did you know your local Council is required to keep a register of people who are keen to self-build in their area? Even Kettering Borough Council also has a register of potential plots, they just don’t publicise it much.

The purpose of this register is to enable the district to respond to the needs of local people by highlighting the need for self-build plots. If you aspire to build your own property it is crucial that you let your local authority know so they are aware of the demand.

It has been shown, by a report prepared for The Modern House estate agency, that a well designed building by an architect can add 10% to 12% more, to the completed value of a building, than one designed by a non architect.

Once you’ve done that you will need to contact an architect as the professionals best qualified to assist you achieve your aim. Our purpose in business is to help you meet your needs within your budget. It might not be the solution you expect (I would hope that it isn’t) as that is our skill, interpreting your needs and finding a good solution to them.

An architect is fully qualified (a minimum of seven years of qualifications, training and experience through University) to assist you through the:

  • Business Case.
  • Site Finding.
  • Feasibility Studies.
  • Planning Permission(s).
  • Building Regulation Approval(s).
  • Tender Documentation, Schedules and Specifications.
  • Construction Information.
  • Contract Administration (Certifying Progress, Payment and Completion.
  • Assessing and Evaluating Completed Buildings.


KR.eativ: Architects Ltd can do this for any building type from hovel to hospital and whether a new building an alteration of an existing one or an historic or listed building. We are currently specialising in bespoke workplaces and homes. We use the latest software and can even issue regular 3D models to look around and investigate and potentially, as an extra service, experience in VR, as well as drawings.

This was constructed using Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)