181008 – ‘White Card Models’ as 3D PDFs

One of the advantages of using the latest software is that as KR.eativ: Architects I am more productive that I was when working on a drawing board or using 2D CAD on computer. I can also handle larger projects, up to £25 million, without needing ‘architectural’ staff and can go the practice solely using architects and those training to be architects. This the way automation and AI is affecting my profession, we can do more with fewer more qualified staff.

Which of course raises another issue, there isn’t a school of architecture in the whole of the SEMLEP area, severely restricting where I could source staff from if I needed them.

By using a full 3D model of each project I can offer clients 3D PDFs that can be explored and even ‘walked through’ using the latest free off-the-shelf Adobe Acrobat Reader software that is available for ALL computer operating systems Apple or Microsoft etc.

The reason I use the ‘white card’ graphic form is that they are quicker to ‘render’ whilst showing accurate lighting whether natural or artificial:

The other advantage is that textures and colour can easily distract at early stages of a project and can lead to false conclusions about material and finishes so that they can be agreed, confirmed and incorporated into the model later saving a lot of time. Even very expensive ‘CGI’ images from ‘specialists’ can look very wrong and unlike reality and the ‘white card’ model is a ‘working’ model for discussion.

By using the BIM capabilities of the software we can prepare construction ready documents with much, if not all, of the specification information embedded within it in a construction and Facilities Management friendly IFC file format along with accurate COBie spreadsheets, thermal modelling and even AR and VR.

If you or any of your friends, family or business associates have a need for an architect who lives in the C21 rather than the C20 like many non-architects please do contact us through the website http://www.kreativarchitects.co.uk, by email at john@kreativarchitects.co.uk or even the telephone 0153522586 (pre-booking is available through the website).

I will also be on the RIBA “Ask an Architect” stand at Grand Designs Show at the NEC on the 13th October 2018.