180705a – The Government wakes up

The UK Government has released a paper “Industrial Strategy – Construction Sector Deal” that states the following ‘people’ policies”:

  • Establish a technical education system that rivals the best in the world to stand alongside our world- class higher education system – There already was one 40 years ago that successive governments, of all parties, CHOSE to destroy.
  • Invest an additional £406m in maths, digital and technical education, helping to address the shortage of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) skills – Ditto and those that benefitted 40 years ago are now stupidly under-employed.
  • Create a new National Retraining Scheme that supports people to re-skill, beginning with a £64m investment for digital and construction training – Those of us that qualified BEFORE those changes in education do not need retraining as we already have those skills. Most of us have kept up to date with digital technology but are ignored by a younger generation, that do not have the skills, who mistakenly think we do not possess them either.