180426 – Upgrading Existing Property

Now that Landlords are required by law to ensure that their properties meet minimum energy standards now is the time to consider other aspects of older properties of any kind. Most owner-occupied residential and commercial properties could also benefit from better use of the spaces within in order to function better in the C21.

Even insulating older property needs to be considered properly. Just adding it to a cavity within a wall or internally can create more problems that it solves. Even adding the insulation externally can cause problems and is not allowed on many properties but there are ways of upgrading such buildings, those suggested by salesmen are rarely to the benefit of the property in the longer term.


If you need guidance from an architect qualified to architectural conservation who has worked on many projects to existing properties for 40 years why not give us a call, the first 20 minutes of non-specific advice is free. If your property would benefit from my help and you have the budget we can arrange a preliminary, paid for, consultation.