180418 – ARB & RIBA & Architecture

To quote from a recent article by the President of the RIBA “Architecture is the only independently regulated profession working in the built environment. At a time when society is looking for reassurance that its safety and wellbeing is in competent hands, we are keen to demonstrate that the relationship between the RIBA and the ARB is effective and well understood by the profession, the public and our clients.”

“The RIBA promotes the profession, advancing civil architecture in the public interest, and the ARB maintains and raises awareness of the Register of Architects so that clients and the public can make informed choices about who they instruct. Both are important and working together we support the maintenance and improvement of standards of behaviour and conduct in the profession.”

“We plan to work together on practical measures for protecting the title ‘architect’. While the ARB already raises awareness of the Register and tackles about 300 instances of misuse of title annually, we agree that more can be done to raise awareness of title restrictions and deter transgressions of the Act.”

NOBODY with ‘architectural’ in their job title is an Architect or suitably qualified in Architecture to use the title ‘architect’. Building design includes other professions such a Chartered Engineers, Chartered Surveyors and Chartered Technologists and a host of unqualified plan-drawers and designers but that is NOT architecture, architecture is of a higher quality, usefulness and value than mere ‘building design’.

Architecture is good for business, adds value to property and ‘works’ better.