180416 – Zero Energy Bills Buildings

It is perfectly possible now to build buildings that do not require you to pay heating or electricity bills, the savings more than paying for any additional cost. It is also possible to retrofit many existing, and even listed, buildings to achieve either zero or very low heating and electricity bills.

We were learning about how to achieve such usefulness 40 years ago when I was studying architecture at University and it has taken until now for the construction industry to even begin delivering such buildings. Perhaps the imminent mass introduction of electric vehicles has served a purpose.

Do you own a home or other building that is costing a lot of money to keep heated? Energy costs are only ever going to increase and minimising the use of them by using energy effectively and generating it on-site are the ways forward.

How is that in the realm of the architect I hear you ask. Well, by sensible orientation, alterations and effective reallocation of space use, even with listed buildings, as an architect I have the training, skills and knowledge to make both new and existing buildings better suited to a useful life now and in the future. For example installing solar roofs over car parking and batteries the demand of homes, workplaces, leisure facilities and vehicles can be met and I am currently designing alterations to our 1930s semi-detached home to do incorporate many of these developments.

Why not call me to discuss how I can assist you reduce your heating and electricity bills to near or beyond zero.