180209 – Pre-Design Options

If you are running out of space in your workplace or in your home you might have reached the conclusion that you need an expensive new building or extension. By employing us as architects we have the knowledge, training and experience to take a look at your needs and perhaps reach a more cost effective solution.

The ‘Don’t Move, Improve’ is one of a number of initiatives that might apply.

Another is adding an extra storey to a commercial building or home. Adding a flat over a single storey flat could add extra income. Adding a holiday cottage or two on your land could add extra income. Adding a workplace at home could save travelling to work or earn an extra income in the evenings and weekends.

I’ve done a number of schemes for Churches etc. that by making changes to increase the usability of their building they can get better use and more income to fund repair and maintenance costs etc.

There are a lot of very pokey HMOs on the market at the moment. The market is changing, as it is family homes that are required so why not build new more spacious bespoke studio apartments for single students and professionals etc. that can command a better rent and are more suited to the market in 2018.

Do you own a car park for example? A huge opportunity to create income from redeveloping to increase parking whilst adding workplaces, homes and leisure facilities in town centre locations. Do you own a gravel pit / quarry? A huge opportunity to develop a holiday village. etc. etc.

If you have a property issue that needs a designed and cost effective solution that others cannot provide, as they are not architects, give me a call on 01536522586 or fill in the contact form on this website: Contact