Who needs an Architect?

“You do!”

This video from the USA explains the many benefits of employing a real registered architect. In the UK providers of ‘architectural services’ are not architects, are not qualified as architects, and are often not qualified at all! All architects must be suitably trained and registered to use the title ‘architect’. In the USA and many other Countries it is not even legal to offer architectural services without being an architect!

By being qualified, registered and a member of the only chartered professional body for architects (the RIBA), KR.eativ: Architects offers the following:

  • Adherence to two codes of professional codes of conduct.
  • An appropriate level of professional insurance.
  • Written and documentary proof of competence.
  • University backed training to beyond degree level in all aspects of building design and architecture, including urban and interior design etc.
  • By designing buildings properly and efficiently, architects can save you more, or increase the return on your investment by more, money than our fee.
  • 35 years of experience of designing buildings from domestic extensions to hospitals and many commercial building types between, including working with listed buildings.
  • Use of the latest Building Information Modelling software as now required for ALL publicly funded projects. Drawing boards and 2D CAD are no longer ‘fit for purpose’.
  • Like all architects, we are the best qualified profession to also act as lead designer, Principal Designer (under CDM 2015), design management and contract administration.


If you, your family, your business, or your contacts would benefit from improvements in the spaces occupied, or an increase in the value of buildings and land, or a reduction in the running expenses of property, please get in touch.

“Architecture adds the fun, joy and beauty missing from so much mundane building design today.”