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RIBA Stage 6 – Handover and Close Out

The project team’s priorities during this stage will be facilitating the successful handover
of the building in line with the Project Programme and, in the period immediately following, concluding all aspects of the Building Contract, including the inspection of defects as they are recti ed or the production of certi cation required by the Building Contract.

Other services may also be required during this period. These will be dictated by project specific Schedules of Services, which should be aligned with the procurement and Handover Strategies. Tasks in relation to the Handover Strategy can be wide-ranging and may include:

  1. attending Feedback workshops.
  2. considering how any lessons learned mightbe applied on future projects.
  3. undertaking tasks in relation to commissioning or ensuring the successful operation and management of the building.
  4. Conclude administration of Building Contract.
  5. Handover of building and conclusion of Building Contract.
  6. Carry out activities listed in Handover Strategy including Feedback for use during the future life of the building or on future projects.
  7. Updating of Project Information as required.

The priority during this stage is the successful handover of the building and concluding the Building Contract with support tasks focused on evaluating performance and providing Feedback for use on future projects. Fine tuning of the building services is likely to occur.