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RIBA Stage 7 – In Use

This is a new stage within the RIBA Plan of Work. It acknowledges the potential benefits of harnessing the project design information to assist with the successful operation and use of a building.

While it is likely that many of the handover duties will be completed during Stage 6,
prior to conclusion of the Building Contract, certain activities may be required or necessary afterwards. These should be confirmed in the relevant Schedule of Services.

Typical tasks might include:

  1. While the end of a building’s life might be considered at Stage 7, it is more likely that Stage 0 of the follow-on project or refurbishment would deal with these aspects as part of strategically defining the future of the building.
  2. Undertake In Use services in accordance with Schedule of Services.
  3. Conclude activities listed in Handover Strategy including Post-occupancy Evaluation, review of Project Performance, Project Outcomes and Research and Development aspects.
  4. Updating of Project Information, as required, in response to ongoing client Feedback until the end of the building’s life.
  5. ‘As-constructed’ Information updated in response to ongoing client Feedback and maintenance or operational developments.