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RIBA Stage 3 – Developed Design & Planning Permission

During this stage, the Concept Design is further developed and, crucially, the design work of the core designers is progressed until the spatial coordination exercises have been completed. This process may require
a number of iterations of the design and different tools may be used, including design workshops.

By the end of Stage 3, the architectural, building services and structural engineering designs will all have been developed, and will have been checked by the lead designer, with the stage design coordinated and the Cost Information aligned to the Project Budget.

Project Strategies that were prepared during Stage 2 should be developed further and in suf cient detail to allow the client to sign them off once the lead designer has checked each strategy and veri ed that the Cost Information incorporates adequate allowances.

Change Control Procedures should be implemented to ensure that any changes to the Concept Design are properly considered and signed off, regardless of how they are instigated.

While specialist subcontractors will undertake their design work at Stage 4, they may provide information and guidance at Stage 3 in order to facilitate a more robust developed design. An example of the tasks required of this Stage are:

  1. Prepare Developed Design, including coordinated and updated proposals for structural design, building services systems, outline speci cations, Cost Information and Project Strategies in accordance with Design Programme.
  2. Review and update Sustainability, Maintenance and Operational and Handover Strategies and Risk Assessments
  3. Undertake third party consultations as required and conclude Research and Development aspects.
  4. Review and update Project Execution Plan, including Change Control Procedures.
  5. Review and update Construction and Health and Safety Strategies.
  6. During this stage it is essential to review the Project Strategies previously generated.

Developed Design, including the coordinated architectural, structural and building services design and updated Cost Information.