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RIBA Stage 2 – Concept Design

During Stage 2, the initial Concept Design is produced in line with the requirements of the Initial Project Brief.

The project team also develops, in parallel with the Concept Design, a number of Project Strategies. Their importance at this stage will depend on how they are to in uence the Concept Design. For example, the Sustainability Strategy is likely to be a fundamental component of the Concept Design, whereas a security strategy may have minimal or no impact and can therefore be developed during a later stage.

It is essential to revisit the brief during this stage and it should be updated and issued as the Final Project Brief as part of the Information Exchange at the end of Stage 2.

In parallel with design activity, a number of other related tasks need to be progressed in response to the emerging design, including a review of the Cost Information, the development of a Construction Strategy, a Maintenance and Operational Strategy and a Health and Safety Strategy and updating of the Project Execution Plan. An example of the tasks required of this Stage are:

  1. Prepare Concept Design, including outline proposals for structural design, building services systems, outline speci cations and preliminary Cost Information along with relevant Project Strategies in accordance with Design Programme. Agree alterations to brief and issue Final Project Brief.
  2. Prepare Sustainability Strategy, Maintenance and Operational Strategy and review Handover Strategy and Risk Assessments.
  3. Undertake third party consultations as required and any Research and Development aspects.
  4. Review and update Project Execution Plan.
  5. Consider Construction Strategy, including offsite fabrication, and develop
  6. Health and Safety Strategy.

During this stage a number of strategies that complement the design are prepared. These strategies consider post-occupancy and operational issues along with the consideration of buildability. Third party consultations are also essential.

The 'output' of this Stage is the Concept Design including outline structural and building services design, associated Project Strategies, preliminary Cost Information and Final Project Brief.