180603 – NEWSLETTER – June 2018


The time has arrived for June’s Newsletter:


My website now contains a number of free PDFs to assist you and/or your clients in an architectural project from explaining what an architect is and how we can work with you collaborating in achieving the best building design that meets your needs within the budget and timescale that you have available. We will also advise you when the variables of quality, time and budget need to be adjusted for the project to reach fruition.

Architecture is the Art, Science and Technology of building design. Other chartered professionals can and do provide part of that service but non chartered and under (or non)-qualified service providers cannot provide the quality of service that an architect can nor the level of customer protection afforded to you as client from the ARB and RIBA.

It is now nearly 40 years since I started on this career path having wanted to be an architect for at least a decade before that. With a string of letters after my name along with the additional experiences, training, skills and knowledge gained along the way I think that I can consider myself an expert in my numerous specialisms of healthcare, resort villages, small commercial buildings and homes especially those in the context of historic buildings 🙂

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