180102 – Space, the First Frontier


Are you a business owner, home-owner or land-owner whose property no longer ‘works’ for you but conspires against you.

Did the estate agent / house developer sell you a list of rooms you thought you needed but ended up with a house that is not a home? Toilets where they are a nuisance? Stairs in the wrong place? Nowhere to work comfortably? Nowhere to be a family together and separately? A garage where the car could never fit? The list could be longer.

Is your workplace uncomfortable? Not welcoming? Leaving you with a headache at the end of the day? Keeping customers away? Full of stuff but empty of people, or the other way round? The list could be longer.

Is your village or town depressing? Is it run down? Being over run with ‘brick built breeding boxes’ without the amenities to support the people who live there.

The answer? You need an architect. The only profession fully qualified to design a solution to those problems to beyond Masters Degree level.

It takes an average of nine years to qualify to use the title legally. Always check the ARB register (www.arb.org.uk). Anyone not on the register is not an architect, or ‘equivalent to an architect’. It is that simple.

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