180110 – Newsletter – C21 housing

As a new year begins this is the first Newsletter of the year, Newsletter2018M01, emphasising the housing work I have done over the years and that it can and should be done differently now. The housing I had to design / make work in the 1980s for house-builders were incremental updates to the house-types of the early 1960s, which were incremental updates to the house-types of the 1930s which were developments,  which were incremental updates to Victorian terraced housing and villas of the C19 which themselves were re-interpretations of medieval homes.

As architects can do better than that in the C21, I learnt from the best award-winning housing architects over 35 years ago, most of whom are now dead, unfortunately, but society (house-builders, planning committees and NIMBYs) today are STILL building outdated houses that are difficult to make into homes, hence all the TV programmes about extensions to and the remodelling of existing houses.


Volumetric housing built in a factory and transported as 3 boxes to site whilst with Watermark Leisure in the early 1990s.